Nnamdi Nwaneri aka 'Chef Joe' is the Owner of NeatMeat. His adventures with sloppy joes began at the tender age of 5 and he has continued his love of the American sandwich well into his adulthood but with a twist.

NeatMeat specializes in gourmet sloppy joe sandwiches including beef, turkey, lamb, pork, chicken, and even a vegan joe! The sandwiches provide a hint of nostalgia while mesmerizing you with unmatched flavor, uniqueness, and comfort. Since 2013, NeatMeat has transformed the classic American sloppy joe with improved ingredients, toppings, and sauces, revolutionizing the DC food scene.

Nnamdi is also a licensed attorney in the jurisdictions of the District of Columbia, the State of New Jersey, and the State of New York.

With that said, the verdict is in, #youmayneatit!


Special Thanks

Brian Arnoff

Victoria Harris

Na'Im Moses